Brief Review of First DFW Lay Council Day

March 24, 2007

Tarrant County College, SE Campus





A group of people (cf. Appendix A) first met on July 12, 2006 to plan the First DFW Council on March 24, 2007. This group was responding to a Call-To-Action (CTA) challenge to begin local meetings around the country to deal with the role of the Laity today. They met in Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth about every two weeks to plan this first council. Later Tarrant County College, SE Campus, was selected as the site for the conference.


The Council Day (cf. Appendix C):


Two consultants (cf. Appendix C) were invited to speak:  Ms. Lena Woltering, a CTA Board member, and Sister Kate Kuenstler, PHJC, JCD, a Canon Lawyer. Len Woltering renewed the history of Lay Synods, beginning six years ago in the Belleville Illinois Diocese. The DFW Lay Council is the fourth of the kind in the U.S. There are about ten (10) more in the planning stages across the country presently. CTA plans to facilitate a national Lay Synod in four to five years. Lena also developed the theme of the role of the Laity through the documents of Vatican II. Sister Kate defined the roles, the rights and the responsibilities of the Christian Faithful as developed in the 1983 edition of Canon Law, following the theology of Vatican II.


After the lunch break the round-table discussions were facilitated (cf. Appendix A) by trained facilitators using the guidelines adapted by Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another:  Simple Conversations (cf. Appendix D). The participants joined in two round-table discussions. At the end of the second session each round-table noted three (3) summary statements. The total group listened to each group reporting their summary statement to the general assembly. A vote was taken when each participant voted his or her top three priorities by placing colored dots on their top three (3).


The summary statements follow and then the top ten and the percentage of voters is listed below:





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