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Summary Statement of Round-Table Discussions


  1. Exercising Your Rights and Responsibilities:

“Empowered Laity”: What does the term mean?

How can the Laity get pastors/bishops to share decision-making…to be financially accountable?

What opportunities and challenges does this project create?


            Table A-1:


Ø  Submit a request to our bishops that they mandate and underwrite a formal contemporary Adult Education Program for the Lay Adult Catholic of their respective diocese (The Adult Education Program at the University of Dallas was suggested as a model.).


Ø  It was recommended that every parish have a copy of the 1983 edition (with commentary) of Canon Law which would be available to all parishioners.


Ø  Develop a weekly column in church bulletins and/or The Texas Catholic about the rights and responsibilities of the Christian Faithful.


Table A-2:


Ø  Promote and schedule educational programs in parishes which would focus on the contemporary rights and responsibilities of the Laity (developed by the II Vatican Council and specified in the 1983 edition of Canon Law).


Ø  Promote a program in parishes to overcome an unjustified “fear” of punishment or “what they will do to us” if we speak out as empowered Laymen and Laywomen.


Ø  Work with sympathetic priests in the above educational activities.


Ø  Develop a focused letter writing campaign to pastors, bishops, the media, reform-oriented organizations on the rights and responsibilities of the Laity.


Ø  Develop alternative financial guidelines in all parishes and dioceses with the assistance of the empowered Laity to promote honesty, fairness and justice.


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