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June 10-12, 2011

American Catholic Council, Detroit


The American Catholic Council of 2011


Three VFR members attended the American Catholic Council in Detroit on Pentecost weekend. The estimated attendance was 1,800. Participants affirmed a “Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” (CBRR), modeled on our American Bill of Rights. DVDs of the major presenters were brought back to Arlington and viewed by VFR membership and acquaintances. The ACC website provides a wealth of information including a history of the ACC, the development of the CBRR, and a look at the way forward.

            Pope Paul VI, it is worth mentioning, proposed that a similar basic law or Constitution for the Church be included in the revision of Canon Law. The pope undertook the revision to bring Church law into alignment with the developments of the Vatican Council II. Pope John Paul II shelved the twelve year project at its completion, although its contents survive in canons 208-231 of the revision.  Detroit’s “Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” has provided both a perspective and a structure for Paul VI’s basic law project that is completely derived from our U.S. experience.

Visit www.americancatholiccouncil.org/detroit for a detailed history of the CBRR, as well as media reviews and transcripts of some of the presentations..





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