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You Can't Quench

The Spirit!

Women and Leadership

in Catholicism:

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow



Sister Chris Schenk, CSJ

    Founding director of FutureChurch

and Columnist for the

National Catholic Reporter


Saturday, April 23, 2016


Voices For Renewal in cooperation with the members of Partners in Ministry and Spirituality are happy to bring Sr. Christine Schenk, CSJ, to North Texas to address this topic with us. Sr. Chris has been the driving force behind Future Church, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

For more information and your registration form, please go to the link in order to copy the Event Brochure. We appreciate your word-of-mouth promotion, and so will your friends!


VFR - Voices for Renewal
An independent association of Catholics in North Texas prepared to collaborate in the church renewal movement.




Recognizing the responsibility to follow informed conscience and impelled by the need for justice, compassion, inclusiveness and dignity for all persons, the members of Voices for Renewal: A Vatican Council III Community have come together to be church in the Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ and the Second Vatican Council.


¨ Along with Vatican Council II, we assert the equality of all the faithful that flows from a common baptism.

¨ We intend to promote vigorously true collaboration and consultation in the church, religious freedom, dialogue and ecumenism, a free flow of  information, recognition of the giftedness of all believers and their common priesthood, and a greater voice in decision-making for the laity.

¨ We call on all the church to embrace once again the hope, the promise, and the prophetic vision of Vatican II.



Sister Chris Schenk in

Fort Worth


The Event Center

3120 Merida, Building 3

Fort Worth, TX 76109


Registration Brochure (pdf)


Come and...

1. Learn how Greco-Roman patriarchal culture impacted women, how it was forever changed because of the leadership of Christian women as shown through recent findings from sociology and archaeology.


2. View a PowerPoint presentation of original research and analysis of 4th century tombs of Christian women leaders.


3. Reflect, pray, consider together the Spirit's faithfulness to us and to the renewal of our Church.


4. Explore practical strategies for healing institutional deafness to "Women of the Word."


5. Be challenged by Chris's 25-year journey in working for reform and renewal, her dream for the future of our Church and why we do make a difference.

May 2016 - Member Retreat
Rancho Reyna