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For many years Michael Morwood has engaged readers and listeners in the implications of open discussion about Jesus for ministry, liturgy, theology, and adult faith formation.


The members of Voices For Renewal were pleased to host Michael Morwood in Fort Worth, March 17, 2012, to explore an understanding of the Mystery we call “God” with Scripture and a free exchange of ideas.


Ninety persons plus attended the day-long seminar, “Reshaping Christian Thought and Imagination.” Participants represented several Christian Churches and a scattering of communities throughout North Central Texas, including a strong contingent from the Dallas area. The evaluations were uniformly positive.  We have these other indicators of the seminar’s success: Lively conversation among participants continued in the weeks after. The sponsoring Voices for Renewal group gained several new members. Copies on hand of Morwood’s books sold well. Two of his titles sold out, Faith, Hope, and a Bird Called George: A Spiritual Fable, and his latest, Children Praying a New Story: A Resource for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers.


Transcripts of some of Michael Morwood’s presentations appear on his website, www.morwood.org.


Michael Morwood has an extensive background in spirituality and adult faith formation. He is internationally acclaimed for his clear and accessible writings, workshops, and lectures on the need for Christians to reshape religious thinking and imagination.


His books include:

Is Jesus God: Finding Our Faith

Tomorrow’s Catholic: Understanding God and Jesus in a New Millennium

Praying a New Story

From Sand to Solid Ground

Faith, Hope and a Bird Called George: A Spiritual Fable


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