Guiding Principles:

·Every member of the church is to be accorded true equality and treated with dignity as befits the Body of Christ.

· The authentic church is a church in movement, growing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

· The lived experience of each person, shaped by community and culture, contributes to the informed conscience of the faithful.

· Vatican II established open dialogue, academic freedom, due process and shared decision-making. Therefore, the church must be governed according to these principles of Vatican II.

· The church models itself on the pastoral ministry of Jesus.



Core Goals:

· To be open, inclusive and hospitable to all.

· To be a voice for the voiceless in our church.

· To provide a forum for ideas, dialogue and action.


To expect personal responsibility and accountability of ourselves and to  advocate for openness and the accountability of church leadership.

· To act out of a committed, informed and positive framework.

· To respect the many gifts of the church.

· The ethos of the group is to speak out and to act.




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